MVE vibration motor
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MVE vibration motor.

Hot sale MVE vibrating motor for vibrating platform.

The vibration motor is combined with the power source and vibration source is one of the excitation source,the vibration motor is in the axial ends of the rotor are respectively arranged a group of eccentric block,the shaft and the eccentric block high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force generated by the exciting force. Vibration motor with high vibration force,low energy consumption,low noise,long life. The exciting force of the vibrating motor can be adjusted,easy to use,the type of JZO,YZU,YZO,YZS,YZD,MVE and so on vibration motor is in general use type vibration motor. Vibration motor can applied to general mechanical vibration,such as:the vibratory crusher,vibrating screen machines,vibration packing machine,vibrating sand machine,vibration,vibration molding machine,piling machine,vibration hoist,vibration filling machine,bin vibrating arch breaking anti occlusion device and so on. Widely used in the construction of hydropower,thermal power,building,building materials,chemical,mining,coal,metallurgy,light industry and other industrial sectors.

MVE vibration motor is Italy OLI GROUP and China WOLONG company cooperate factory product,After a long time improvement, MVE vibration motor takes the high-end market of the vibration market.

MVE vibration motor Features:

1. Light weight.

2. Small Volume.

3. Convenient adjustment for exciting force.

4. High insulation class and protection grade.

MVE vibration motor Operating conditions:

1. Working condition:altitude not more than 1000m,-20°c—+40°c.

2. Voltage:220v/380v,can customized as clients' need.

3. Frequency:50HZ,(60hz can be made as your request).

4. Insulation class:body H,wiring chamber F.

5. Protection grade:IP65.

6. Working style:continuous S1.

MVE vibration motor Specifications:

1. Exported to Europe, America etc.

2. Used for feeder or hopper silo bin.

3. No explosive-proof function.

4. Single or 3 phase.

MVE Series Electric Vibrating Motor is used with hopper,silo,bin to make the material discharge from them smoothly.

It can be used with vibrating screen,vibrating feeder,vibrating conveyor,vibrating ore drawing machine,vibrating shakeout machine,vibrating platform etc.

This series have:

2 poles-3000r/m exciting force:0.7-90kn.

4 poles-1500r/m exciting force:0.3-141kn.

6 poles-1000r/m exciting force:0.5-250kn.

8 poles-750r/m exciting force:1-180kn.

Customization is accepted.

MVE vibration motor Features:

1. Motor base material:

Size 10-50: aluminium alloy.

Size 60-110: ductile iron.

2. Insulation class:H for key part,F for wiring block.


4. Working way:continuous.

5. Adjustment scope for vibrating force:0-tated force.

6. Vibrating force: 0-25000 kg(three phase)0-400 kg(single phase).

7. Operating temperature:-20°c to+40°c.

8. Bearing:NSK or SKF.