Multifunctional motor
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Multifunctional motor.

The multifunctional motor refers to the integration of reduction gear,motor and brake. It has the characteristics of parallel output with motor shaft,compact structure, large transmission torque,stable operation,low noise and long service life.

Multifunctional motor Reduction gear.

The shaft is manufacture by alignment and grinding. So the accuracy is very good. The stress is very strong. The safety factor is more than 5. The product-life is very long.

Multifunctional motor Buffer.

When soft starting, and after fly wheel acting,the movement of high inertia is produced.

No impact,this keeps crane stable,smooth, and noiseless,to stabilize the brake.

Multifunctional motor.

High performance of start torque,motor body is simple for radiation,high-pressure resisting more than 1500V,light current, compact-sized,powerful output,available for high frequency.

Multifunctional motor Electromagnet brake.

With direct-type electromagnet brake,control can be adjustable with screw ,high abrasion brake leather,long service life,safety.