YZR motor
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YZR motor.

YZR Motor for electric hoists Motor.

YZR motor and YZ motorseries are of the latest design,featuring large overload capacity and high mechanical strength,and especially suitable for driving various types of metallurgical machines and cranes and/or other similar equipment.It is especially suitable for short-time or intermittent periodic operation,frequent starting and braking,sometimes overload and equipment with significant vibration and impact.YZR motor is wound-rotor motor and YZR motor is cage motor.

YZR motor can run normally under following ambient conditions:

(1)Temperature of cooling medium not exceeding 60°C (for motors for metallurgical purpose)or 40°C(for motors for crane purpose)

(2) Elevation not exceeding 1000m

(3)Constant/frequent and noticeable mechanical vibration and shock.

YZR motor can work normally under following loading conditions:

(1)Starting and reversing frequently.

(2)Frequent electric or mechanical braking.

Rated frequency of the motors is 50HZ, and rated voltage is 380V.