YSE soft start motor
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YSE soft start motor.

Crane end beam motor YSE soft start electric motor.

YSE soft start motor is a new brake motor specially designed according to the working needs of the crane.It can be used as the power of the crane and trolley running mechanism of all kinds of single and double beam cranes and gantry cranes,and also suitable for the power of electric hoist.

YSE soft start motor Main features:

1.This series of motors have the characteristics of soft start.Without connecting the starting resistance and taking other technical measures,the effect of"soft start"can be obtained by directly transmitting power.The motor itself is equipped with plane friction brake,and the braking speed is adjustable.Using this kind of motor can obviously improve the"impact"phenomenon when starting and stopping the crane.

2.The impact free operation of the crane extends the service life of the motor and related mechanical transmission mechanisms.

3.The motor has no axial movement during operation,reliable operation,low failure rate,simple adjustment and convenient maintenance.

4.The starting current of YSE soft start motor is small(1/4 ~ 1/2 of that of ordinary motor),which meets the needs of frequent starting and has remarkable power saving effect.Small starting current can prolong the service life of main control ac contactor.It can be used under the condition of small power capacity.

5.The power grade and installation size of YSE soft start motor are the same as those of the original supporting motor of the crane and can be directly interchanged.

6.The motor directly adopts 380V power supply,which has the advantages of simple control and convenient operation.