ZD lifting motor
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ZD lifting motor.

factory price ZD lifting motor for sale.

The ZD lifting motor for lifting things(such as crane, electric hoist)requires absolute security.About safety, the brake of ZD lifting motor is much better than general three-phase asynchronous motor. Generally speaking,mechanical brake is more reliable than electric brake.

ZD lifting motor working principle:

The Rotor and Stator inner cavity of ZD lifting motor are in the shape of conical.Its conical brake ring inlaid on the fan wheel brake,Static brake ring fitted in the end cap.After the stator is energized,it will produce a rotating magnetic field, meanwhile produce axial magnetic tensile force,the axial magnetic force makes the rotor axial displacement to overcome the spring force,fan wheel braking state,circumferential direction magnetic field force makes the rotor rotate at the same time.

ZD lifting motor When the stator is power off,axial magnetic tensile force is disappear.In the effect of spring,the rotor along with fan brake wheel back in place together,the friction torque of the brake ring on the brake surface causes the motor to stop and brake quickly.

The main components of the ZD lifting motor:

1.The stator parts: stator(conductive portion)the centering (magnetically conductive portions)base(fixed stator and end caps);

2.ZD lifting motor Rotor parts:the rotor core, rotor winding:

a.Each groove of rotor core is inserted into a conducting bar,to form a multi-phase symmetrical winding.

b.wound rotor:three-phase symmetrical winding of the rotor winding,embedded in the rotor core.

3.the air gap:the gap of asynchronous motor is uniform.

4.brake part(ZD lifting motor):conical rotor motor is made up of fan brake wheel,conical brake ring.With the tapered side of rear cover form the entire brake system.