High frequency vibrator
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High frequency vibrator Applied range:

High frequency vibrators are mainly used for prefabricating concrete precast components of railways, highways, highway bridges and engineering buildings. Their vibration frequency is more than three times higher than that of general vibrators. Moreover, the surface of the components after vibration is smooth, and the bubbles and shrinkage are significantly reduced. It can save cost, speed up project progress and improve project quality.

High frequency vibrator Feature:

1. The high-frequency vibrator has high excitation frequency, large excitation force, small amplitude, large radiation range, increased concrete fluidity and plasticity, improved component compactness, fast forming and greatly improved quality. High speed operation of 9800 revolutions per minute.

2. Reduce formwork loss. Due to the high vibration frequency and small amplitude, less energy is consumed in the deformation of steel formwork, so as to prolong the service life of formwork.

3. Easy to use. Due to its small size, light weight (only 23kg / set) and fast clamping structure, it can be used only by fastening one screw on the formwork. It only takes 30 seconds to load and unload one set, which saves 75% of installation auxiliary time and 75% of manpower compared with the use of ordinary external vibrator.

4. As the ZKF vibrator has high vibration efficiency, it only takes 30 ~ 40 seconds to stop each vibration, which greatly improves the service life of the vibrator, reduces the maintenance cost and reduces the construction cost.

5. Due to the strong excitation force, it can also be formed at one time for the construction of high bridge columns.

6. The construction quality has been significantly improved, which has been recognized and praised by many project departments and supervision departments.