Internal concrete vibrator
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Internal concrete vibrator manufacturer.

ZN70 type Internal Concrete Vibrator with 50mm*6m shaft 380v 50hz for Internal concrete vibrator.

Internal concrete vibrator is an important machine in modern concrete engineering Concrete vibrators. Any concrete component that can be inserted into the vibrating handle can be used. Such as pouring concrete columns,walls,main beams,secondary beams and prefabricated components. It is especially suitable for pouring light and small parts and thin-walled components,and can be suitable for vibrating plastic,semi dry and hard concrete. Internal concrete vibrator is a vibrator with high efficiency of vibrating concrete.

Internal concrete vibrator is composed of motor,anti reverse coupling joint,handle and chassis.

The motor adopts the latest series of three-phase asynchronous motor,which has the characteristics of small volume,fully enclosed and class E insulation. Internal concrete vibrator can be used in places with much dust and water splash.

The anti reverse coupling joint is used for the connection between the motor and the vibrator. When the motor rotates in the required direction,the connector can closely connect the vibrator and the motor,otherwise the vibrator will be disconnected.

The handle of the motor and the switch can be moved flexibly.

The chassis is at the lower part of the motor,which can make the motor stand firmly and rotate 180°.

Internal concrete vibrator Structural features:

1. Anti reverse device and coupling head are adopted,

2. The motor adopts the latest series of single three-phase asynchronous motor,

3. The shell is made of cast iron,which is more durable,

4. Pure copper coil.

Internal concrete vibrator:

Cement consumption can be saved;the internal structure of concrete is uniform;increased strength;reduce volume shrinkage and increase waterproof penetration,weathering and impact resistance;the solidification time can be shortened and the project progress can be accelerated. Light and flexible.