Attached concrete vibrator
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Attached concrete vibrator manufacturers.

three phase concrete plate vibrator electric surface concrete vibrator motor for industry.

Attached concrete vibrator is a necessary tool widely used in concrete vibration and compaction in modern construction engineering.The utility model can be used for the surface array work of concrete foundation surface and various prefabricated concrete components,and can also be installed on various vibration tables and other vibration devices as vibration sources.

Attached concrete vibrator Structural features:

1.The attached concrete vibrator is a single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motor,which is composed of an eccentric block matched with the motor power at both ends of the rotor shaft.

2.The installed machine has fully enclosed and high-strength performance,convenient disassembly and maintenance,and the power cord is composed of four core rubber cable.

3.The shell of the whole machine is made of aluminum alloy,with light weight and high efficiency.There are three long bolts covered at both ends,which are directly spliced with each other,which is relatively firm and reliable.