Single beam European electric hoists
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Single beam European electric hoists manufacturer.

Single beam European electric hoists is a kind of new products developed with advanced design technology according to the latest national standard GB/T3811"Design specifications for cranes",and refers to European FEM standard.The whole set of Single beam European electric hoists is a new energy-saving and environment--friendly product whose technology is internationally advanced and cost performance is in the top among the same products.

Single beam European electric hoists.Working class is M4~M7,and pulley group multiplying power is 2/1,4/1,4/2,6/1,8/1 and 8/2 etc.

Installation of Single beam European electric hoists is classified into low building height single--track trolley type( D model, applied single track and single-girder cranes),double--track trolley type(S model, applied to double--girder cranes),and fixed type ( G model).Traveling speed is 2~20m/min with stepless frequency conversion,and standard lifting speed 5/0.8m/min.Also frequency conversion is adopted to make the electric hoists steady lifting and braking,as well as lifted weights small swing.Precise positioning gets operation greatly improved.

Single beam European electric hoists Lifting motor.

Squirrel cage type asynchronous motor(synchronous speed to 3000 rpm).

? Double speed or frequency conversion step-less speed regulation.

? Heavy grade system,load duration rate 40%&60%ED.

? Class F insulation,protection grade IP55.

Single beam European electric hoists Lifting Gear Box.

? Sealed gearbox housings are made of aluminum.

? Totally enclosed semi-fluid,lifetime designing.

? Helical type,hardened and ground gears.

Single beam European electric hoists Lifting Brake.

? DC Electromagnetic disc brake.

? No adjusting requirement for brake lining, maintenance free.

? Motor and brake working together, brake torque is at least 1.8 times higher.

than the nominal torque of the motor, not slip at any point of starting or.

stopping of the hoist or lower motions.

? Fully covered, dust proof.

? Heavy duty brake.

? Adjustable brake toque.

? Brake linings are asbestos-free.

? Super life time,1 million normal braking,500 emergency Brakes.

Single beam European electric hoists Rope Drum.

? Large diameter rope drum Dd/Dr=46,and rope pulleys extend the rope’s lifetime.

? Min. two dead rope turns while the hook is in the lowest position.

? Rope guide is wear resistant, heavy-duty,made of spheroidal graphite cast iron.

? A spring operated guide roll in the rope guide prevents slack rope.

Single beam European electric hoists Hook.

? DIN 17200 standard Hook, quenched and tempered 34CrMoV steel.

? anti-friction lifetime lubricated bearings and rotate freely 360 degrees.

? Spring-loaded sturdy safety catch,ensuring slings not release.

Single beam European electric hoists Rope guide.

? full cover cast iron rope guide.

? correctly guide wire rope.

? avoid wire rope strand loosening a dangerous situation.

? can withstand in the scope of the small angle inclined.